[ALBUM] TVXQ Vol. 4 - 주문 (MIROTIC)

[ALBUM] TVXQ Vol. 4 - 주문 (MIROTIC)

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Release Date: September 26, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance/R&B/Ballad
Artist: Male Group
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found this tracklist on the Korean music yea, in the zip if you see something like: 주문 (Jumun; Spell), in the ()'s it's the romanization of the hangul and after the ; is what it translates to...cause you know, SM Town artists have English in ()'s next to the title but it doensn't necessary translate to it...but others like the songs Rainbow and Paradise, those are the English words for the hangul... =D

if you guys want the 320 kbps version, it's HERE...along with my usual spazzes...haha =P...A THANKS OR COMMENTS WOULD MAKE MY DAY!! xD

01 주문 - MIROTIC
02 Wrong Number
03 노을..바라보다 (Picture Of You)
04 Crazy Love
05 Hey! (Don't Bring Me Down)
06 넌 나의 노래 (You're My Melody)
07 무지개 (Rainbow)
08 낙원 (Paradise)
09 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)
10 Flower Lady
11 잊혀진 계절 (in CD Version only)
12 Love In The Ice (Korean Version) (in CD Version only)

credit: fearless123@bww2