[MV] SeeYa - Hot Girl

[MV] SeeYa - Hot Girl

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Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Dance
Artist: Female Group

This video is really retro and colorful, the song is amazingly addicting too, lol. It's way different than what I would expect them to sing since they're more known as a ballad group. But the song is not bad... haven't had a chance to listen to their whole album yet, but I know it's good, hehe. Anyways, I read somewhere that some people thought it was like Lee Hyori's video "U-Go-Girl" since in the beginning it shows Nam Gyuri, I think that's her name, show up with a boombox and play their song. It's like they're at a school and their doing a test or something like that, but yeah anyways, enjoy the video! ^^