[ALBUM] Son Ho Young Vol. 2 - Returns

[ALBUM] Son Ho Young Vol. 2 - Returns

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Release Date: October 9, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/R&B/Ballad
Artist: Male
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i think that Track #5 cuts off only slightly at the end...will try to find a better version later...there also seems to be a Track 11 but i haven't found that either...if you have it, it'd be greatly appreciated!! =D

01 기억이라는 게 (Gieogiraneun Ge; What Memory Is)
02 I Know
03 바래요 (Baraeyo; To Hope) (feat. Tim)
04 More & More (feat. ShowHow)
05 너의 집 앞에서 (Neoui Jip Apeseo; In Front Of Your House)
06 Happy Day
07 눈코입 (Nunkoip; Eyes, Nose, Mouth) (feat. Oak Joo Hyun)
08 사랑을 할 땐 (Sarangeul Hal Ttaen; When One Loves)
09 가시덤불 (Gashideombul; Thorny Bush)
10 Beautiful Day
11 즐거운 인생 (Jeulgeoun Insaeng; Happy Life) (feat. Tim)

credit: ledoquyen's blog